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BIOL 1004 Course Information    
TitleGeneral Biology
DepartmentAg, Biology & Health Sciences
LevelUndergraduate - Lower Division
CIP Code260101
DescriptionA life science laboratory course for non-science majors. Students should learn the principles of cell structure/function, genetics, evolution and organismal diversity, ecology, and the scientific method. Such principles will be applied in discussions of biotechnology, conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, human population growth, and global environmental changes. Not applicable to the Biology major or minor, Medical Technology major, or Allied Health Science major. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 2 hours. Prerequisites: Student must be eligible to take MATH 1413 or higher.
PrerequisitesStudent must be eligible to take MATH 1413 or higher
Grade ModeStandard Letter
General EducationY
General Ed Lab ScienceY
Liberal ArtsY
Teacher Education 
Approved DeliveryTraditional
Hybrid - Term approved: Fall 2005
Online - Term approved: Fall 2005
Instructional MethodLecture with Lab
Credit Hours4
Faculty Load Hours3
Contact Hrs48
Enrollment Based WkldNo
RepeatsCourse may not be repeated
Max Load 
First Term OfferedUnknown
Last Term ModifiedSpring 2013
Last Term OfferedSpring 2022
General Ed Student Learning OutcomesThe student will apply critical thinking skills in order to make informed decisions and evaluations. (Critical Thinking)
General Ed Assessment MeasuresA one page paper assessed using the Critical Thinking Life Sciences Rubric